About Us

I am an independent person who likes to share the views about the life and at the same time would like to share useful information about travel the world. I do understand in today’s world where so much competition and so much give and take relation whether it is friendship or surroundings which we called society, we all need a window to throw the stress that we build up in our mind. Hence, Travel is one of the window in today’s world where if we have it, it helps to balance the pressure in our mind.

we all are doing our daily activities and during those activities we gather and experience bad or good outcome. Each and every day we learn and try to adjust accordingly. We all die eventually. We are soul and came on earth with our destiny. It would be interesting to know how own destiny unfolds. My main goal is to gather my thought and put it here. As I already mention this website would cover all the interesting facts of the world which helps us to enhance our knowledge.

Thank you